Branding Own Goal

Sam Panini
Sep 2, 2023

Twitter rebranded to “X”.

The website is and the design symbol on the mobile app is a stylized X.

But, like Kleenex or Google, the consumer brand of Twitter had a lot of equity.

In news articles referencing the hellsite, it is commonly referred to as “X, formerly Twitter.”

But some net-speakers have abbreviated it to “Xitter.”

Whenever I see Xitter, I pronounce it in Portuguese in my head.

In Portuguese, the letter “x” is pronounced “shi”.

Menus in Brazilian casual dining spots will frequently abbreviate “cheeseburger” to “X-burger”.

I don’t care what language you speak, Xitter is a hysterical brand name.

But, wait, there’s more

In Spanish, the letter “x” is equis.

To describe something as equis is slang for “whatever’”, “dull”, “average’”, or “so-so.”


Whether Xitter or X, it’s a branding auto-gól.