Genetic Privacy

Sam Panini
1 min readDec 7, 2023

Privacy isn’t about hiding something.

It’s about not trusting how others will interpret data about you.

Emotional Blackmail

Shame and fear are powerful emotions.

Bad actors don’t have ethics, morals, or principles.

Their objective is to find sensitivities and exploit them for gain. That is what subversive hackers do for a living.

Hidden Truth

People who are afraid that some hidden truth will be revealed are vulnerable to do and say things they otherwise wouldn’t.

When the data is about your family, the leverage is higher because the emotional impact is even greater.

Plausible Scenarios

What if your DNA shows Jewish ancestry?

What if it shows Black ancestry?

What if it shows Asian ancestry?

What if it shows indigenous ancestry?

What if none of that is a problem?


Unless, you’ve been making public statements about how people of Jewish, Black, Asian, or indigenous ancestry are less than human?

Then, does your shame have value?

Are you manipulatable now?

What would you do to prevent that information from being disseminated?

Who would you hurt to maintain your sense of community and pride?

What lengths would you go to in order to still be considered “human”, and not one of The Others™?